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Executive Board

President - Nicole Johnson, PA
President-Elect - Kathy Stanfa, PA
Past President - Amy Parker, OR
Secretary - Tessa McCarthy, PA
Treasurer - Karen Koehler, OH
CAN Coordinator - Lisa McConachie, OR
RA Member - Lisa McConachie, OR


Joan Allison - IL
Carol Rimka - TX
Katie Farrand - AZ
Ying-Ting Chiu - OH
Bryan Moles - IL
Jodi Reeves - OR
Lisa McConachie - OR
Katherine Ericson - Japan
Rachel Schles - TN
Beth Jones - TX


Standing Committee Chairs:

Audit and Oversight - Karen Koehler
Awards - Tiffany Wild
Constitution & Bylaws - Tiffany Wild
Governmental Relations, CAN - Kathy Stanfa
Membership - Kathy Stanfa
Professional Standards - Amy Parker
Position Papers - Mackenzie Savaiano and Tessa McCarthy
Publications - Katie Farrand
Social Media, Website and Public Relations - Mackenzie Savaiano and Amy Parker

Ad-Hoc Committee Chairs:

Deafblind Committee - Carol Rimka
CVI Committee - Nicole Johnson
Convention, Pre-convention and Community Forum Committee - Nicole Johnson and Amy Parker

Last Updated:  6 March, 2021

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