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Executive Board
President Kathy Stanfa, PA
President-Elect Adam Graves, TX
Past President Nicole Johnson, PA
Secretary Katie Farrand, AZ
Treasurer Karen Koehler, OH
CAN Coordinator Lisa McConachie, OR
RA Member Lane McKittrick, ID
Student Chair Cameron Smith, GA


Katherine Ericson, NE
Rachel Schles, TN
Beth Jones, TX
Sarah Ivy, UT
Jaime Pack-Adair, AZ
Belinda Rudinger, TX
Marina McCormick, TX


Standing Committee Chairs
Audit and Oversight Karen Koehler
Awards Nicole Johnson
Constitution & Bylaws Tiffany Wild
Governmental Relations, CAN Lisa McConachie
Membership Kathy Stanfa
Professional Standards Amy Parker
Position Papers Mackenzie Savaiano and Tessa McCarthy
Publications Katie Farrand
Social Media, Website and Public Relations Mackenzie Savaiano and Amy Parker



Ad-Hoc Committee Chairs
Deafblind Committee Carol Rimka
CVI Committee Nicole Johnson
Convention, Pre-convention and Community Forum Committee Nicole Johnson and Amy Parker


Last Updated:  14 November, 2022

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